Leibester Award, Part 1

29 Nov

So here are the questions that were asked when this was handed on to me and ten other bloggers.


1. If you could rewrite a “classic” book, which would it be?

Robert Lewis Stephenson’s Kidnapped.  I loved this book when I was a teenager and think it would make a great futuristic sci-fi. 


2. Of all the book-to-movie adaptations you’ve seen, which is the worst?

They took The Dark Is Rising and turned it into The Seeker.  I yelled all the way through that movie.  They changed almost everything about the story.


3. Is there a book you’d like to see as a movie that is not yet a movie (that you know of)?

Agnes and the Hit Man.  That is an awesome book.  The only problem Hollywood would have, I think, would be finding an actress willing to be pleasantly plump for the character of Agnes.


4. Beatrice Potter or Dr. Seuss?

You’re going to make me choose?!  I love them both, but perhaps Dr. Seuss would have to win by a hair, just because I love tongue twisters.


5. How do you choose names for your characters?

I usually just pull random names that were popular about the time my characters were supposed to have been born.  Occasionally I will find a name that means something important to a character’s most obvious trait.


6. What was the worst book you had to read for school?

Hmm, that’s a thinker.  Does my algebra text book count as a book I ‘read’?

If not, then I would have to go with Huckleberry Finn.  Although I would like to give it another go now that I’m older, when I was first introduced to this book the subject matter was a little heavy.


7. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Buggs Bunny.  He’s always thinking outside the box.


8. Heroes or villains?

Heroes.  Give me a good-guy hunk to swoon over.  Now that I think about it, though, I tend to go for the bad boy heroes, like Riddick and Hans Solo.


9. If you could pick a destination anywhere in the world for a 30 day, total-seclusion writing retreat, where would you go?

McCall, Idaho, a little resort town north of Boise.  Smelling the pine trees, watching the lake, and enjoying the quiet; for me that would be inspiring.


10. What is the current state of the inside of your sock drawer? This is a deep psychological question. Be careful how you answer! (Extra points for anyone who knows what I’m referencing.)

Erm…if you must know, it’s a mess.  My socks hang out in the same drawer as all my other under things, and it’s a tangle of all kinds of female foundation garments that alternately fascinate and baffle the males of our species.  I’ve tried sorting and organizing, but to no avail.

It’s only a matter of time before something clicks and this whole mass of cotton, wire, lycra, rivets, and nylon becomes a sentient Drawer Creature and won’t play nice when I have to find a pair of tights to wear to a wedding.


11. If you had no other options, would you choose Earth-bound immortality or death before your next birthday? This is not a deep psychological question.

Oh, Dude!  If I had to pick, it would have to be immortality; especially since my birthday’s in January.  Actually now would be about the right age to be stuck at: old enough to drive, vote, and drink; with none of the aches and pains of middle age.  Yet.



So now I will have to find 10 bloggers to send this on to.  Rather hard, since we are without internet at my house for a couple of days.  Hopefully it is only a couple days.

ReGi McClain is the lovely person who started me on this road of questions and answers.  You can find her on Twitter @regimcclain  and on her blog at http://regimcclain.wordpress.com/.  She has been a very helpful friend to me on this journey toward becoming a published author.

As soon as I am able to access my lists of wonderful blogs and the names of their authors I will be alerting the world as to my choices.  For now, however, you will simply have to be content with my answers.


This post has been uploaded to my blog from my sister Colleen’s computer.  She’s so nice.)


Until Next Time…

  1. Have you ever done a Leibester Award, thing?
  2. What kind of havoc would arise in your life, right now, if you unexpectedly did not have internet access at your house for two or three days?

4 Responses to “Leibester Award, Part 1”

  1. Lucinda Sutherland November 30, 2012 at 2:01 am #

    Interesting answers, girl! I definitely agree with you on “The Seeker” totally ruined an excellent book! Not so sure I would choose Suess above Potter, but it’s not a kind choice to have to make.


    • rosedandrea December 2, 2012 at 5:33 am #

      After reading the book as a teenager, then reading it aloud to my husband (boyfriend at the time), it was a huge disappoint to go see the movie.
      I can’t fault the actors, and if you hadn’t read the book you wouldn’t have a clue it had been messed around with. And I think that makes it sadder. The book, indeed the series, has so much more to offer than just an action filled suspense story.

      Choosing Suess was a hard decision. Perhaps I just naturally lean a little toward rhyme?


  2. Anna Fitch December 3, 2012 at 10:39 pm #

    I’m pretty sure most girls go for the “bad-guy” hero; he’s always breaking the rules for all the right reasons and saving the day with that shy or mischevious crooked grin.

    Completely agree on “The Seeker” because I, too, read the books and expected at least a similarly mind-blowing plot.

    I laughed suddenly and made my little boy jump when I read your answer to #10. Mine is in abouts the same shape except that it all stays inside and I have a few rocks, mini notebooks, quarters, a pair of clip-on earmuffs, a few craft sticks and some other ridiculous items hiding amongst the usual suspects. Somehow, I think it is already some sort of primitive lifeform.

    If we lost internet access for any amount of time, my husband would most certainly be on his phone non-stop until it was back. That’s his answer to most service interruptions. Asside from him being grumpy and calling internet service people because he couldn’t access his work e-mail, I wouldn’t notice much unless it was on one of the two or three days a week I actually open my computer.


    • rosedandrea December 4, 2012 at 3:04 am #

      Oh, that ornery, trouble making grin. My husband has one. I caught me a ‘bad-guy” good-guy.
      Glad I could amuse you. And that mine isn’t the only eclectic underthings drawer. 🙂


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