Releasing My First Poem into the World

3 Dec
A cool photo editing accident

A cool photo editing accident

This is the first poem of several which I will be sharing on this blog.  They are pieces of a collection which I am considering calling My Ignored Hamper, and Other Bathroom Poetry.  Hopefully this little book of poems will be able to be uploaded to Amazon in time for a February 1st launch date.  Fingers crossed!

Let me know know what you think.

(Please remember to be kind to this fledgling author.  It took a lot of work just to get myself to the point where I could show any of my writing to family, so if you have anything negative to say please hide it in a spoon full of sugar.)

My Ignored Hamper

The clothes they have shed?

On the floor looking dead

Ignoring the hamper

To the tub they do scamper

Their clothes in a heap

Into bubbles they leap

When they’re asleep

I’ll let my tea steep

It’ll take just a minute

To put the clothes in it

But for now I’ll enjoy

My two little boys

Until Next Time…

What kind of reaction did you receive toward your first step into the world of writing (blogging, and creative writing/English classes count in this question)?

Are you also a fledgling (or not so fledgling) artiste working up the guts to show some of your work to carefully selected critics, or even preparing for the potentially scary act of  allowing the World to see your precious creation?


6 Responses to “Releasing My First Poem into the World”

  1. Anna Fitch December 3, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    I’m not much good at poetry; I get all gloomy and use lazy excuses for rhymes in them. I enjoy writing stories, but I am still trying to figure out where to end each of them because I hate for a good plot to stop. Perhaps keeping in mind that I could start another story line with the same set of characters would help if I could remember that idea while typing…


    • rosedandrea December 4, 2012 at 3:06 am #

      Trilogies and multi-book series are still very sought after. Perhaps you could approach your ideas from this perspective. That way you would have more time with the ‘people’ you like.



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