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Does Anyone Else…?

2 Jan


Crap, crap, crap!

Crap, crap, crap!

Does anyone else look at their to do list for the year and just want to go back to bed?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for this new year and all its possibilities.  It’s just that, well, I set kind of public goals for myself and I’m falling behind.  Normally this is the part where I put things back onto the shelf and mutter something to the effect of “Well, I tried.”  But since I have told people, people who will be checking back to see if I actually got things done (such as the friend of a friend who kindly offered to do the editing), I will have to find a way to get past this overwhelmed feeling and crawl to the finish line.

I don’t want to feel this way.  I want to be super jazzed again, shouting from the rooftops that I have a book idea that will make it to the big time, ecstatically announcing every fresh page as it’s composed.  How, though, will I get back there?

This is not a rhetorical question, I really am stumped as to how I’m going to get the spark back into my writing engine.  Should I dangle a reward in front of myself for every couple pages?  Maybe turning my speech-to-text program back on and playing with it like a child with a new toy?  Would it help if I wrote with pen and paper for a couple days?

I don’t know.  I’ll have to find something, however, because according to my schedule I should have finished with my first draft almost two weeks ago.  Unless something drastic happens the release date for my novel will have to be pushed back a couple of months.  That would be the realistic approach.  Who wants to be realistic?  I’m going to be awesome!  This is Awesome Rose saying I will, I will get this done!  Some how, this book will be finished.  Some way I will get my zing back.  I will find a way to have a stellar writing career, so that I can make stellar money, and make and raise stellar kids.

(But for the moment I am going to focus on short term goals.  Otherwise I’d give myself a complex thinking of all the things I have mentally pinned to this one big project.)

(We do have other projects in the works to make money.  It’s just that for some reason my brain has me convinced that this one has the most riding on it.  Way to stress me out, Brain.)

Other things I must get done soon:

  • Finish a website for a special project
  • Read several books that are waiting to be reviewed
  • Get some more creative work done on My Ignored Hamper, and Other Bathroom Poetry
  • Start working on my next book of poetry — it’s about coffee!
  • Help finish several projects around the house (I’m tired of living in a construction zone!)
  • Reorganize my bedroom
  • Put together a costume for my birthday party

That’s just a general overview of things I’d like to get done in the next couple weeks.  Wish me luck!

*    *    *

Until Next Time…

Much like Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbs) when he has an atrocious case of the hiccups, I am wide open to writing advice from pros, or anyone with a plausible idea, really.

How do you stay creative through a large project?

Or, how do you get your zing back after losing the pep in your creative step?

(For an excerpt of my romantic suspense, I Killed Them, Mama as it currently stands, click Here.  A synopsis is Here.)