Cupcakes and Babies

12 Jan

It’s official! I have survived my second annual 28th birthday.  The sister just younger than me threw me a party.  It was a sleepover party.  Pizza, tea, and cupcakes; talking, games, and episodes of mutually enjoyed shows.  A nice relaxing night, led to trying to stay awake longer than the little ones so we could have something other than G rated fun.  Didn’t really happen, though.  We watched one episode of Numbers and the latest Dr. Who Christmas Special and we were toast.  By that point it was after two and we kinda gave up and rolled over in our sleeping bags.

I was awakened the next morning by a half naked baby boy bumping into me and laughing his head off because his living room floor was littered with most of his favorite women.  My breakfast was two bowls of chocolaty cereal, followed by scrambled eggs a couple hours later.  Mmm, scrambled eggs.

Not much in the gift department, but I already got what I wanted, thought put into a birthday party.  What I did get was a gift certificate for Amazon and a future lunch out with a friend.  Sweet!

*        *        *

On another subject, due to a build up of circumstances it appears we will have to do a factory reset on my computer.  Add to that the fact that we had to reclaim our wireless after someone in the neighborhood high-jacked it and changed the password.  So, we don’t have wireless, my computer has no antivirus program, and the poor old thing is in dire need of some help.  We’ll get through it, it’ll just take a little time, and some sharing of the computers that are working correctly (and the direct line to the router).

*      *      *

Until next time…

How has the beginning of 2013 been for you so far?

Done much writing, dancing, or laughing?





2 Responses to “Cupcakes and Babies”

  1. lucindasutherland January 15, 2013 at 2:41 pm #

    I love picturing that little boy all thrilled about having his favorite women there to play with first thing in the morning. Sounds like a great party.


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