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25 Feb

Well, I’ve found a blog post that echoes what I’ve been preaching to myself.

Time to step up and get things done. *sigh*

So, who’s going to handcuff me to my computer?

Eggshell Ballet

24 Feb

I laid an egg today.

My words came out before editing.

The subject ill timed.

The words ill phrased.

If we argued I would cry.

To admit the piece of truth in my words would hurt their pride.

And so we dance, tiptoeing around the house, around each other,

around the fragments that fell with my words.

In a few days, Time will sweep away the pain, and the awkwardness will fade.

For now, though, we will remain

in our egg shell ballet.

Her Rest Room

14 Feb

It is time once again for a couple more poems from my book My Ignored Hamper and other Bathroom Poetry.

  I hope you enjoy them!

Her Rest Room


Her little ones play on the floor

Just outside the bathroom door

One minute of quiet

Two minutes of peace

She could hold it no longer

The urge had grown stronger

One minute of quiet

Two minutes of peace

As she pats her hands dry

She thinks with a sigh

One minute of quiet

Two minutes of peace



Sleep-over Blues


With music up loud

‘Round the mirror they crowd

“That look is a winner”

“I wish I were thinner”

“There’s this really cute boy”

“He treats girls like they’re toys”

It’s Saturday night

They share the spotlight

In their fifth outfit

And wouldn’t you know it

The bathroom is crowded

“It’s here!” someone shouted

The pizza devoured

They’re now soda powered

Six girls in a bathroom

All trying out perfume

“Should we pop in a movie?”

“Let’s make-over Suzie!”

And so it continues

Dad’s sleep-over blues


*      *      *

I’m hoping to get this group of poems formatted and onto Amazon by the first week of March.  Heh.  Fingers crossed.

Please let me know what you think of these two poems.

*      *      *

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For Your Entertainment

5 Feb

My husband and I spent the better part of two hours rearranging the entertainment center to accommodate a new blu-ray player that will also handle Netflix and it’s friends.  This was more of a workout than my poor little brain seems to have budgeted for today, so this blog is something of a cop-out.

While checking out someone else’s blog I came across some Bugs Bunny episodes in the recommended videos after a silly antique commercial on Youtube.  After watching a few of them I decided that this would be something interesting to post on here.

So without further ado, here are a couple things on Youtube that make me laugh.


Hope they make you laugh!


Some Day, a Very Dangerous Idea

1 Feb

How many times have you told yourself that you would do something ‘some day‘?

Some day I will visit Italy.
Some day I will learn Klingon.
Some day I will watch the entirety of Star Trek: Voyager.
Some day I will write a book.

Too many times.

(My some days are too far away for my comfort.  Especially since I have a very long list of things that I would like to get done some day.)

So, what are we going to do about this situation?  Sit around and continue adding to our never-to-be-checked-off list?  Give up?  Or get off our duffs (or in the case of writers, sit at the computer) and make things happen so that we can take those moments to enjoy our some days.

What do I need to do to get to my some day?  Heh…A lot.  I need to start earning money, for one.  I also need to get in better shape.  Get a passport.  Figure out our new blue ray player.  Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The first step, I feel, is getting the first of many books published.  I have so many plans, thoughts, and figures, but nothing really finished yet.  Occasionally I feel like a bit of a failure, but that’s where spending time with other writers comes into play.  I had the idea that writers were a territorial bunch, but really we’re (for the most part) a friendly, helpful, encouraging set of people just trying to make it work.  We realize that books don’t write themselves, and they certainly aren’t written over night.  Spending a little energy cheering someone else on today, will come back to us next week when we realize that last chapter sucked, or our computer crashed taking the 3,000 words we just wrote to a binary grave.

After some thought, and research, I have decided to restructure the plans for my writing career.  Not really a total overhaul, but certainly changing a few things around, giving myself more time on the larger projects (seriously underestimated the amount of time these things would take!), and adding a few smaller projects between them.

To be honest it has taken a bit of the strain away.  I still want to get a lot of things done in an unrealistic time-frame.  But then that’s always been one of my biggest faults — expecting far too much of myself.

I guess we’ll see how the next few months go.  Keep you posted.

*        *        *

Do I have a moral to this story?  Uh, maybe.  Let’s see…

  • Find a group of people who support you.  It’s especially helpful if at least a couple of them are also writers.
  • Be flexible with your big life plans.  You never know all the details.  Sometimes that detour can be the best thing that ever happened to your writing abilities, and thus your career.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix it up, or to try new things.  I never thought I was a very creative person until I took an essay class in college.  It was there that I found out that I have talent. (Far from perfect, but then talents always need a little refining before they’re Awesome.)

*        *        *

What are some of your some days?

Have you expected too much of yourself these last few weeks?