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But This Isn’t

7 Mar

Another duo of poems from my shortly to be published book of bathroom poetry.


But This Isn’t

Books and magazines

Are stacked all around this chair

But this isn’t a library

Although they do have this chair

Laundry is piled up high

Waiting to be washed

But this isn’t a laundry room

In this room something else is washed

Polish and make-up and hairspray

Clutter the entire counter

But this isn’t a salon

No money passes over this counter

The line is three people deep

All waiting for the bathroom

But this isn’t a store restroom

It is this house’s only bathroom

* * *

Floating in Water

Like lovely music

Fragrant water covers me

Unwinding the day

Floating in water

My body now relaxes

In the gentle heat

Melting my worries

As a bright, warm day in May

Melts the mountain snow

*      *      *

Please let me know what you think about these two.

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At a friendly prompting by Laura Oliva I took a peek at the formatting instructions on  I had been stressing about how  to format my book of poetry (procrastination to the extreme!), and she suggested it as an easy to understand set of instructions that translate well to Amazon.  After getting onto Smashwords I took a look around. And all I can say is Wow!  I thought Amazon was the big kid on the block.  So, now I am going to take a few days to familiarize myself with this new site, and see if I can get up the courage to take the plunge into publishing my own work.

By the way, Laura’s first book has just come out!  It’s a romance novel entitled All That Glitters

Thanks, Laura, and good luck!  🙂