Almost There! (Hopefully)

12 Mar

I have finished formatting my little book of poetry, written up an author bio, a long summary, and a short summary.  They have been sent to 3 people for review.  In two emails, since I somehow hit the send button instead of the attachment button after the second file had been loaded to Yahoo Mail.

Only when editing the email did I remember that I have yet to put together an actual cover. I have no cover art!!!  *face palm*

I guess we’ll see how quickly I can whip together a cover.

And yes, I know the cover is the first thing buyers see, and that people really do judge books by their covers.  There is, however, a limit to how long I can wait. (Patience is not one of my strong suits)

So if you would all do me a huge favor and say a prayer and cross your fingers it would be much appreciated.

A cool photo editing accident

A cool photo editing accident

My husband has just suggested that I ask you fine people for interesting photos of bathrooms. How ’bout it? Anyone want their photo on or in a book of (clean) bathroom poetry? (sorry, there wouldn’t be any money in it. Just recognition in the front matter of the book)  Perhaps if I get enough interesting ones I’ll put them in a blog post, too.  Any and all kinds welcome. But please, make sure they’re appropriate for all audiences.  My email: mrandmrsd.books@yahoo(dot)com


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