Not Over Thinking It

9 Apr

This is a hard one for me.

All the what ifs, how ’bouts, and then whats start crowding in and I lose focus.

I lose focus of the fact that I just spent an hour on this project , and that I am making steady progress, and that writing a book (for most people) takes longer than a couple of months.

Things are going well, so why can’t I shake this feeling that I am light years behind where I should be?

Oh, well.

A couple doves in our old apple tree

A couple doves in our old apple tree





I Killed Them, Mama now has 203 bullet points, and the timeline is getting worked around to a more realistic arrangement. I am very happy with the results. Just wishing my inner critic could lay off for a couple days while I finish with all the fiddly details. Stopping the outlining now to continue writing it would be pointless if it turns out I have to spend three days copy and pasting because I had to move something around that would have been prevented by actually finishing the outline.

In other news:

Lonnie downloaded a photo editing program called Gimp that should make it possible for me to create a cover for My Ignored Hamper and Other Bathroom Poetry. Yes, he’s wonderful like that. 🙂  I haven’t played with it yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m thinking of putting together three covers and letting my Facebook followers tell me which they like best.

By the way,

when I get up to 100 likes on my Facebook page I will release an excerpt from the reworked I Killed Them, Mama over there.

*    *    *

What do you do when you are making steady progress but feel that you’re not going fast enough?

5 Responses to “Not Over Thinking It”

  1. whiteravensoars April 9, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

    Personally I work a little on whatever it is that I feel like I am not getting enough progress on. Sometimes that is as simple as jumping ahead in my story to work on a snip-it, that I may or may not even use. Sometimes it is as simple as writing a checklist of what would need to be done and crossing things off so I can feel like something has been done. Otherwise, when all else fails, I clean house. I know it sounds silly, but when I come back to my work, I at least “feel” better.


    • rosedandrea April 14, 2013 at 2:55 pm #

      I Love crossing things off a to do list! It gives me a strange feeling of accomplishment.

      I recently started doing the Flylady thing. Doing a little more housework than usual, and enjoying it!


      • whiteravensoars April 15, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

        I LOVE Flylady!!!!! I have totally created a streamlined way of working very similar to the flylady approach after finding her online… I actually am productive when I follow it! It amazes me, and I am one of those who actually usually gets a lot done, so it feels so wonderful to get things done, feel like I have gotten things done and still have time for what I want to do!!!
        And there is nothing better than a to-do list with things crossed off!!!


  2. Anna Fitch April 26, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    I really like the picture in this post. Something like that, with a bit more contrast between the birds/tree and the sky, would be very nice as the cover picture for I Killed Them, Mama.
    About cleaning, any time I try to clean one area for five minutes, I end up cleaning half the house for an hour or so with practically nothing to show for it. Obviously I need to learn how to focus on one single area at a time, but how?


    • rosedandrea April 29, 2013 at 6:26 pm #

      Set a kitchen or phone timer for 10 or 15 minutes. Make a conscious effort to stop after the time is up.
      If you do Want to get an hour’s worth of stuff done Flylady recommends that you spent 15 minutes on your kitchen (starting with the sink), 15 mins on the living room, 15 mins on another room, then sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee for 15 mins. You can repeat as necessary, but she recommends against marathon cleaning sessions. The last thing you want to do is burn yourself out.

      To help get the little ones off your leg I would say maybe putting on some music and dancing around a bit while cleaning. That way it’s not ‘Mommy is stressing out! What is wrong?!’ It’s ‘Mommy’s dancing. Me too! Me too!’ (it’s a thought anyway… 🙂 )


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