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Kitchen Remodel: A Horror Story

5 May

Well, it’s not quite that bad.

But it is rather scary…for me.

The saws all waiting on the ladder. Can you hear it singing "Lonely. I'm so lonely"?

The saws all waiting on the ladder. Can you hear it singing “Lonely. I’m so lonely”?










I dislike hearing men yell in anger or frustration, seeing my husband up on a ladder worries me, and every time he drops something or exclaims loudly I jump sky high, afraid he has fallen or hurt himself in some other painful (and painfully expensive) way.

This project is punctuated by dropped tools, muffled cussing, and cries of “Is nothing in this kitchen square?!?”

Then there are the dogs.

They are highly excitable black lab mixes, and love Lonnie to bits and pieces. It just tears their hearts out to watch him walk out the front door, and therefore out of their lives forever, 30 times a day (so he can use the table saw, go run for a new caulking gun, or some other errand).

I, the ever helpful wife (I try at least), have been relegated to carpenter’s helper, gofer, dog wrangler, and get to make up half the team of the nightly clean up crew. All I can do is watch him up on that ladder and pray; Really Hard.

If nothing else comes out of this project, at least I will have logged in a lot of worried prayer time. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

*        *        *

In all seriousness, he is doing a very good job, and has maintained a great mood so far. I think for the most part it’s something of a load off his mind having this task started.  We have a looong way to go, though. These are just the top cupboards. We still have to move the sink and fridge across the room, install the dishwasher and hood/microwave, install task lighting, and close up the gap between the kitchen and the dining room to a wide arch…among other things.

By the time we’re done there will hardly be an original piece of this room remaining. Believe me, that’s a good thing.

Wish us luck!  …we’re going to need it. 😉