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I Got A New House Plant To Slowly Kill

12 May

I have always had a green thumb. It seemed that there had been some sort of osmosis from my farming Great-grandfather straight into my veins. I could make anything not only stay alive, but flourish to the point of almost developing a personality. It was awesome!

Then I moved into my fiance’s house. (I know what you’re thinking, and no. We were living in the same house, we were not living together.)

Everything changed. For some reason I can’t keep anything alive inside the house. Pre-starts for the vegetable garden died before their first real leaves. The African Violet in the bathroom drowned. And the basket of shade and water loving plants I brought home from a Grandmother’s funeral is slowly dying. There’s only a vine, and an elephant ear plant (both of which I have successfully grown before), and some strange kind of grass left.

Now today, at a Mother’s Day BBQ at my parents’ church, I was sent home with a little plant.

Little did he know the terrors that lurked in his future...(dun dun dunnn)

Little did he know the terrors that lurked in his future…(dun dun dunnn)

Pretty red flowers. 🙂  It’s a type of Salvia called Maestro.

This is right after it’s potting. Thankfully this place is littered with cool plant pots (not to be confused with pot plants. This is Oregon.)

It is now perched in my kitchen window, smiling at me every time I wash dishes. They gave it to me with such hope and trust. Let us hope that it at least makes it through this next winter. It would be nice to have something happy to look at while suffering from cabin fever.



Sorry, just had to put that in there.  🙂

*        *        *

I think I have an idea of how I would like the cover for I Killed Them, Mama to look. I realize it’s probably going to be ages before it gets used, but it’s nice to have something settled with this novel.

Perhaps in the near future I should take a few days and hole up and see how many words I can get written in that particular week.

It’s a thought.