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Author Success: A Well “Business Planned” Future, part 4

13 May

Hmm…this reminds me. I still have to put together a website for this book of poetry. Maybe getting to do that will be my little reward for getting the cover together. Yeah, that could work!
I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Deborah Riley-Magnus, Writeaholic

PART FOUR: Author Platform and Book Platform

I recently talked with several authors and writers about their Author Platforms and their Book Platforms. I was pretty shocked to realize that most either didn’t realize they needed both platforms … and the remainder were under the mistaken idea that these two vital elements of a well designed Book Business Plan were somehow interchangeable.

Um … not. Let’s get a little clarity.


Look in the mirror. It’s YOU. It’s all the elements that make you an author worth reading … no matter what you write. It’s the promotion of the author you are and the author you want to be. It promotes YOU as the BRAND.

I had an interesting question the other day. The writer asked about writing several genres and if this is not only possible, but functional and profitable.

The answer is a big…

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