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When You Think About It, Everything Is A Sort Of Recipe

28 May

A recipe for success.  A recipe for disaster. The coveted family recipe for the Christmas Cookies that Great-Aunt Myrtle won’t release to the younger generations.

I tried a new recipe yesterday afternoon. It was for Chocolate ‘N’ Oat Bars (I got the recipe Here). It did not work out quite as planned.

You see, I was expecting soft, almost gooey, decadent, blood-sugar spiking goodness.  What I got was…

Yummy as all get out...Once you can get your teeth through it.

Yummy as all get out…Once you can get your teeth through it.

A decadent, blood-sugar spiking brick.

I will not give up, though.  You see, I cherish dessert. When I have set aside the time, place, a dill pickle* and a protein umbrella I’m all there, savoring the moment. Boy, howdy do I savor that moment.

So, yes, I will be tweaking this recipe to fit the local climate, the elevation, this particular oven, and my personal taste.

That’s a little like writing, huh?

People can hand you the recipe for their writing style all day long, but that doesn’t mean that it will fit you, your style, or your schedule.

But who knows, with a little tweaking it could be the perfect recipe for you.

So don’t be afraid to try new things.

  • Maybe write in a notebook for a day to get over that writer’s block.
  • Perhaps a day off to have a little adventure is just what you need to figure out how to close that difficult scene.
  • Stuck in a writing rut? Change it up and try poetry for a week.
  • Inspiration is everywhere: listen to music, watch a comedy, spend time with people who let you relax and be you, talk about your plot problems with a trusted friend.

Don’t be afraid to tweak the recipe to fit you.

Take rice pudding. My husband makes it with just rice, milk, eggs and a brown sugar crust. I, on the other hand, follow the recipe I learned (and love), which is rice, milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, with raisins scattered over half. Now both versions are very good. Both variations make a delectable pudding. It’s just a different recipe, for a slightly different dessert.

Both very yummy in their own way.

Just think, the world would be intolerably bland if we all wrote our stories using the exact same recipe.



*The vinegar in the pickle helps slow absorption of sugars into the blood stream.