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5 Jun

Today is going to be interesting.

I will be attending a pool party.

And the people rejoiced *yay*

(You can tell I’m being sarcastic, right?)

This is no simple, all from the same age-group, pool party. No, my nieces and nephews, sisters, mother, and a few good friends (and their kids) will be there.

Have I told you that I was a lifeguard for two summers?

When I go swimming nowadays it’s during adult lap swim. No children allowed (usually). No chance for my ingrained childcare/lifeguard habits to kick into gear and stress me out. Stress is not my friend. I burn through calories at an uncomfortable speed and need food now.

Perhaps it’s the exhaustion talking, but there are some aspects of this afternoon that are not appealing to me at the moment. Namely the whole idea of a swim suit. Yeah. Not high on my list of things I want to try and squeeze into right now.

“Could we maybe hold this party off for a couple dozen months so I can have time to drop these pesky 20 pounds?”



Have a good day! I plan to…try at least.


P.S. Has anyone seen where I hid the sunscreen last September???