I Am Officially A Lazy Bum

6 Jun

Today at the pool party, a friend of mine asked me how the book project was going. I didn’t know which book she was referring to, and she said, “You said something about toilets?”

“Oh, yeah. My bathroom poetry.”

She nodded.

“Well, the poems are all done. I just have to do the cover, and the front and back matter.”

She was nodding along, all supportive, then dropped the gut wrencher. “How long would that take you, about eight hours?”

I felt like a real heal when I had to nod and say, “Yes… it…it could be done in eight hours…”  O.o

*        *        *

So now the question is: What has been keeping me from this ‘about eight hours’ worth of work? Is it fear, laziness, procrastination?


This is uncool. I don’t like feeling as thought I have let myself down.

So, now what? My schedule is a little wonky for the next couple days, but could I get this all put together by the end of the week?

Wow. Just typing that last sentence made my stomach knot. I guess it is fear. Of what? What am I so afraid of that I would put a perfectly good book project on hold for months. *sighs and shakes head*

I don’t know.




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