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Too Many Ideas For One Mind To Handle

8 Jun

When I was younger I didn’t think I was a creative person. My mom and a sister were the visual artists.

Another sister was the fashionista (She still is. Just got a Mohawk a couple weeks ago. Looks Awesome!).

This first sister was always inventing a code or language, sang all the time, making up her own songs, has a beautiful voice, picked up sign language in a semester…

Mom can write, sing, draw, paint, act, darn near anything creative is covered by this one woman!

Dad can build anything, and fix anything.

My youngest sister could pull a new friend out of thin air. She was also something of a fashion bug. Always managed to look very ‘Now’, even when wearing jeans and an old t-shirt.

Me? Yes, I could sing, dance, and act. But put a pen in my hand and ask me to draw a bunny? Erm…No. Tell you a story? Ok, once upon a time there was a happy Princess, she met a happy Prince. They got married. The End. Happy??? You wanted more than that? Oh. Sorry.

Then I took a class on Essay writing. Full on panic mode! That teacher wanted a couple two page essays a week! But, I got to know her a little. Then a little more. After a couple classes I was teacher’s pet. I learned how to write to my audience. Soooo…yeah. I got an A.

I didn’t start doing any creative writing until I was about 24. My husband was still my boyfriend/fiance, my boss had moved to Florida, hubby’s job had moved to another city, and I was broke and bored. Got a plot idea in my head one day, so I called up Lonnie and told him I didn’t know how to start writing it out. He told me to write a little for the beginning, a little for the middle, and a little for the end. Then go in a fill in the blanks.

So I did.

And it worked.

It still isn’t finished, though. First novels rarely do get finished in a timely manner. While working on that book I got about 10 more plot ideas, and carefully put them into Word documents of their own. They are all crying out to be written and read. Some days it gets rather noise in my head.

Like today. Lonnie came up with another plot idea while in the shower. He gave me a run down of the idea and asked me to type it up. Then I got a little idea to add to a sci-fi I’ve had simmering in my stories folder. Another synopsis caught my eye and needed a little tweaking.

Seriously, if I could afford a couple ghost writers right now…I could keep them busy for a couple years with all these ideas crying out for attention.

Needless to say, I can get a little distracted from the project I am working on.

*        *        *

Do you have a couple ideas percollating on the back burner?

Are they a distraction? Or something of a dangled carrot (as in “Look what you get to work on when you finish your current project!”) ?

My unfinished to do list for My Ignored Hamper and Other Bathroom Poetry

My unfinished to do list for My Ignored Hamper and Other Bathroom Poetry