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It Was. Then Again It Wasn’t

9 Jun

Today I woke up with a headache.Pain in purple and orange

Just one of those things. Did everything right before I went to bed, and still had one of my day killers.

An afternoon nap didn’t even touch it!  Grrr!

A dose of acetaminophen helped a bit.

I had such nice plans for the day. The men were scheduled to venture forth to procure dirt and mulch for the greenhouse, and I was going to use that alone time for creating one of my three covers for My Ignored Hamper and other Bathroom Poetry.

Needless to say I did not get started on a cover. (Duh. If I had I would still be standing on the roof screaming it to the world.)

I did, however, have a productive day, just at a nice slow pace so as not to have the top of my head explode.

Breakfast was cooked — sausage, eggs, and the guys each had half an ‘everything’ bagel.

The dishes were washed (Hubby stepped in at the end and took care of the pans. Yeah, he’s awesome like that.).

Tweets were Tweeted — and not just whining about my ouchy!

Comments on my blog were responded to, and others were left on other people’s interesting posts.

I made a yummy dinner, which also included ice cream for dessert! (My husband had the honor of scooping)

And now, I am getting around to writing this post before 11:30pm.

Wow. The scheduled tasks may have been sidelined, but this was not a wasted day. Yay!

*        *        *

I was going to write something else, but the brain is rebelling. So you get to finish it.

How did your Saturday go? Did you run around getting all the shopping done for the week? Or did you get to sit under the oak tree in your back yard and sip iced tea while reading?