WIPpet Wednesday – The Queen of Bears, Maybe

12 Jun

This WIP could be interesting.

I liked the ‘child friendly’ version of Snow White and Rose Red that was in one of our fairy tale books growing up. This looks to be a much more involved telling.

I look forward to reading ReGi’s progress.   🙂

ReGi McClain

Painting of Zan Zig, a magicianFor my next act, Ladies and Gentlemen, I will pull a WIP out of my hat before your very eyes! If any of you are faint of heart, please turn away.

If you follow the WIPpeteers, and most of you do, then you already know that Fairy Blood is officially in hiding. But fear not, Harsha fans (or Zeeb fans, as many of you seem to be), Fairy Blood will make a return. In the meantime, I offer a brand, new WIP, which I am serializing WIPpet style.

Currently, this WIP is titled The Queen of Bears.

Kind of a lame title, huh? Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? It  is therefore highly subject to change. I considered using The Bear Queen instead, but, well, I don’t really want my high fantasy being confused for er…  romance.

You will literally be reading this story at about the same…

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