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How Self-Published Books Are Made: Start to Finish (PART II)

19 Jun

Here is the second installment of Catherine’s How Self-Published Books Are Made: Start to Finish. This one concentrates on what you should do once you have gotten around to the publicizing portion of self-publishing.


It’s rather illuminating (and entertaining).


I Dread You

19 Jun

I wake up in the morning and I know that you are there.

Without looking up I can feel your laser stare.

You whine and moan. There’s no getting around it.

Is there any wonder why I see you and have a fit?

Get off my bed. Get out of my head.

Why can’t you go bug someone else instead?

Your water bowl is not empty. It just isn’t full.

You have enough food down to choke a bull.

You want what you want, and you want it now.

It can’t happen another way, no way no how.

All your basic needs have been met.

You’re just a common house pet.

Nothing special. Nothing fine.

Everything around you really is mine.

I will get up when I want to, and that is that.

Now quit dancing on my bladder, you obnoxious cat!



Yup! Here's the culprit. :)

Yup! Here’s the culprit. 🙂