To write or not – why procrastination is good for you

20 Jun

This post really spoke to my current situation with I Killed Them, Mama.
I hope it does your writing (or sanity) a little good, too.

One Writer and his Blog

I agree with Cristian Mihai’s post about writing and the Muse, but only to a very limited extent – with a caveat or two thrown in to make the debate more fun and add a little kick to the proverbial punch that is writing. You know what I mean, the perfect summer punch of a story – the mix of dreams, sweat, letters forming words, words forming thoughts, thoughts forming actions and so one.

Where was I? Oh yes, on another tangent. Caveats, that’s it.

The Muse IS NOT a figment of my imagination she exists. For she IS my imagination, my need to be, to breathe and to live, to laugh and certainly to write. Tears are shed in her name and letters formed with her guidance.   (And if you hadn’t cottoned on, my muse is a she.)

Yes, I have personified my procrastination for procrastination can lead…

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