What is this passion thing?

3 Jul

Wow. This is quite close to how I feel about writing. Enjoy!

dreampunk geek

Will I die without my art?
Honestly, I wouldn’t.  Life would be a bit duller, and I don’t know how I would pass time, but I would survive.

Does this mean that I don’t love what I do?  Am I not passionate enough about it?
I feel guilty for knowing that I can go on without making my art.

What is this passion thing?
Is it a burning desire that fuels your will to live?


Sometimes I feel like an imposter.

But I can be a good liar – if only towards myself.
In my free time, I make art, I think about art, I write, read, learn, and find more good art because it makes me happy to do so.  Isn’t this passion?  Just because I don’t toss a good romance story behind it, and am willing to die for art Romeo and Juliet style… doesn’t mean that…

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