Juggling With Bowling Balls

8 Jul


I am barely keeping everything in the air. The slightest miscalculation and I could end up in big trouble. Pain seems inevitable.

And yet I continue.


Perhaps it is that the feeling of stagnancy makes me sluggish. If I can easily take care of everything on my schedule I get complacent, careless, bored. With multiple important projects in the air there is always something to be thinking about, something to be worked on, something to catch.

Yes, I have dropped one or two in the last couple of weeks, but really that’s just part of the learning process. I beat myself up over the dents in the floor, caught the balls on the bounce, and I am back to juggling. Not much harm (besides my ego), no foul (intended). Really, the other site has two followers so far. And my mother isn’t one of them. I haven’t had a view in four days… a bit of a bummer, but I just did an interview on Friday for Monday’s Did You Know… segment, so I’m a little jazzed about that. 🙂

For previous samples of my Did You Know… posts click HERE.

Last night I came up with another recurring post for the blog called 20 Dollar Weekend. This won’t come out until next spring or summer, since I will have to do a ton of research about what exactly you CAN do around here for a $20 date (not including gas). Not much from what I have learned so far, but I have hope.

Hope. There’s an idea.

Perhaps that is one of the biggest things that drives me so hard toward this spinning, reeling version of my future. Even in my future visions of myself I am not sitting around drinking pink champagne. I am busy writing another book, attending meetings, raising children, having dates with my wonderful husband, hosting teas for my various ladies groups, and planning our next three week vacation.

Oooh, vacations. I haven’t been on an official one of those since I was a little kid. It will be nice to afford to do a little travel…for fun.

I say ‘will’ because this will happen. Not in the ‘I’m going to sell a kidney so my kid can go to Disney Land’ sense, in the I will work my butt off so that in a few years we can relax about our finances and we can take a little time away from normal reality to be pampered and entertained.

That will be really nice. *mind wanders into the imaginary future*

*ahem* But in the meantime, I will continue to dance beneath my bowling balls, taking each project in my hand for a moment every day, then setting it free to be seen by the masses as it soars toward an apex of hope.

(Also in my dreams for the future I have a permanent Nanny McPhee 😀  Here’s what I’m talking about. )


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