Educational Videos, Because My Wrist Hurts

14 Jul

Yeah, I’m not a very good patient. There are things that need doing and I have never liked asking for help. So all day long I have been irritating my wrist in little ways. Here and there making it work more than it should (like adding just over 500 words to my secret WIP).

Now I am slowing down at the end of the day, and it is telling me all about how stupid it was to be stubborn. Maybe I’ll stick my hand in a sock tomorrow. Can’t grab anything if you don’t have a thumb, and it’ll be guaranteed to slip through my grip.

It’s certainly an idea.

No more typing. On to the educational videos.

<>            <>            <>

&            &            &

Now for something funny:


And noooowww…

…………………………For the ice pack. 🙂


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