How to Train Your Dragon 2 – teaser trailer released

15 Jul

My first look at the upcoming sequel to How To Train Your Dragon!
I HAD to share this. 🙂

P.S. What are Your thoughts?

The parasite guy

Just thought I’d quickly share this, seeing as I’m rather fond of the original movie.

At first, I wasn’t particularly sure about Hiccup being as aged-up as he is.  Everything about this trailer suggests a film significantly different in tone to the predecessor and, well, I LIKED the original tone.  This, I thought, would never do at all.

After a bit of thinking however, I can see why the creators took this route.

For one thing, the first film is fairly old now: by the time this sequel comes out, the original will be around four years old and said film’s primary audience (AKA: people younger than me) will have aged significantly.  Keeping the tone unchanged would essentially require the makers to pitch the film to a whole new audience which, frankly, would make no sense at all.

There’s also the problem of the TV series, which is relatively obscure…

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