Surviving Camp Moose Creek, pt. 2

31 Jul

Here’s the second installment of the story I’ve been writing:


Dear diary,


Today’s food was even more disappointing than the previous three days.  The baked eggs with breakfast were gray and spongy.  Lunch consisted of pigs in soggy blankets and limp carrot sticks.  Dinner was…  I’m not sure what that was.  It looked like beef stroganoff but smelled like severely overcooked Brussels sprouts.  I got a glare and an eye roll from one of the counselors when she saw me taking a photo of tonight’s dinner.  What they don’t know is that I have discovered that the main office on the campground has an unsecured wifi signal.  This discovery was made as I hid among the buildings pylons to escape having to play softball again today.  I had no sooner gotten comfortable than my phone chimed in that there was a wifi signal available.  So I spent a comfortable hour updating my blog.

I believe this will become something of an oasis for me.


About the coffee, I had almost made it out the front door of the mess hall with approximately 4 ounces in a Styrofoam cup when one of the dangerously hyper active staffers waylaid me and said that caffeine would not be good for me.  She then proceeded to pour a tablespoon of sugar, a ¼ cup of cream in it and drink it herself.  I’m coming to the conclusion that perhaps they do not wish to be here anymore than I do.



Dear Diary,


Today (day 5) has gone a lot better, with a quiet hiding place I have not been subjected to playing any sports, or participating in their creativity crushing version of ‘crafts’. Why one is not allowed to make a lanyard for their identification badge instead of the mind-meltingly simple bracelet I have yet to understand.


My cousin, Wilbur (he and I are convinced that yes, his parents do hate him), has the car for the weekend. He was a little surprised to discover through my blog that I had been dumped in the middle of nowhere without any allergy medication. He will be swinging by on his way to the lake, and we have made plans for him to hide a box of antihistamines in a hollow of a log just outside the camp entrance. This means that tomorrow morning I must go on the bike ride, but it’s a worthy cause. Adequate rest has been illusive these past several nights due to congestion, and I am developing a cough. Hopefully the second will clear up a day or two after starting on the pills. My one fear is that it may become apparent that some of my discomfort has been abated, and they will attempt to remedy the situation.


The food has not improved. However, due to my regular purchasing schedule one of the young ladies who works in the snack shack has begun assembling my purchases the moment she sees me in line. This is somewhat surprising. I had not realized that I was ordering the same things for each meal. However, after only three days she has picked up on my pattern and has put another small measure of comfort in my otherwise torturous experience.


That’s it for today! Let me know what you think.  🙂

*            *            *

Speaking of moose:

They are sooo cute!

And mama would stomp you into mush in you got anywhere near them.  lol  Strictly a “Yup, they’re cute, from way over here” thing.


Enjoy your Wednesday!



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