Surviving Camp Moose Creek pt. 3 – and Something Completely Different

1 Aug

Alright, here is the 3rd installment of the story I have been writing to post during this busy week.

I hope you like it.

Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think!

*            *            *


Dear Diary,


The morning bike ride was grueling, and my backside may never be the same, but Wilbur came through for me. The moment we arrived back at camp I took a very winding path to the bathrooms by the lake. After ensuring the three stalls were empty I opened the antihistamines and took the first dose. It was a little awkward trying to cup enough water with my hands to swallow a pill, but it did the trick. I cannot actually smell yet, but just being able to breathe without making gurgling noises is a blessing.


I am not entirely certain, but I think the girl at the snack shack winked at me today. This makes me feel confused, and somewhat giddy. I think I will just wait and see what happens tomorrow.


Concerning the coffee: I have given up on obtaining a sample, it is just too heavily guarded. One hypothesis is that they fear that if the camp inmates were, in general, caffeinated they would loose all semblance of control.

I am still certain the camp workers are being dosed with something. It’s the end of the sixth day and they are still maintaining a ridiculous level of excitement, which must be extremely wearing on the typical human body.



Dear Diary,


Today I did something completely out of character. Upon getting into line for the snack shack I observed the girl smile, and while the camper in front of her tried to decide what they wanted, she gathered up my meager lunch and set it aside. I was still fourth back, so had plenty of time to watch her movements. What I saw was astonishing. Every one of her movements was fluid, measured, no wasted energy. Just graceful efficiency. This by itself was enough to gain my attention, but then I saw the most beautiful thing…she was wearing a Dr. Who t-shirt. This required more research. So upon arriving at the ordering counter and observing with satisfaction my awaiting order, I asked for a chocolate bar as well. This made her smile and she said, “Changing things up, are we?”

I responded that it was just a whim. She smiled again and got it for me in one swift motion. While she worked the register I asked which Dr. was her favorite. Do you know what she said?! Tom Baker. None of the Whovians at my school seem to even be aware that there was a Dr. before this last renewal of the series, but she not only has a favorite, she knows the actor’s name, and has a Dr. Who t-shirt!

I must have looked as flabbergasted as I felt, because she laughed and said, “Yup. I’m a geek.”


At my dinner run I was most disappointed to see that she was not there for the first time all week. I really hope our conversation this afternoon did not scare her off.


Oh, yeah, my cough has gone away, and I slept really well last night.


This afternoon the idea of sports took a positive turn when someone discovered a soccer ball at the bottom of the basketball bin. A boy with glasses and a retainer took the manual air pump to it. I asked him if he played soccer. He gave me an odd look, but said that it was the only sport he could stand. I told him that I felt similarly, and asked if he wanted to play a little one on one.

We went out onto the flag football field and kicked the ball around for what felt like just a few minutes. It surprised us when the bell for the evening campfire was rung.

We agreed to meet the following evening. Things are finally starting to not suck!


*          *            *

And now for something completely different!

Piano, dancing, kids, it’s like they took a bunch of my favorite things and threw them in a blender!



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