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A Word On Organization

3 Aug

“No wonder they call her the Mona Lisa, she’s horrible.”
I laughed…and watched it again. 🙂
The organization advice — is good. I really do need to find a system that works and stick with it. Then maybe we could have a usable office nook, and not a paper blizzard. Ugh.

ReGi McClain

Google the word “organize” and you’ll get 196 million hits in less than 1 second. Zillions of people want to tell you how to get organized.

“Buy my gadget! It’ll solve your messy closet problems, save you money, and turn your life into a paradise of free time!”

“Pay me $300 for the same information you can get for free in 193 million other places on the web! This will work where all those others failed!”

“Try my FREE email group! Everyday I’ll send you 8 obviously necessary reminders, 14 tear-jerking testimonials about the wonders of my program, not to mention 27 raving reviews on my wonderful products, to teach you my method that works for EVERYONE! Are you single, married, working, studying, stay-at-home, young, old, terminally ill, or bedridden? It’ll work for you! (And if it doesn’t, I’ll be sure to remind you that you’re just a lazy whiner…

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