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My Man Is Tough – A Poem

9 Aug

“My man is tough.”

“Is he rough?”

“No, he’s very gentle.”

“Like a flower petal?”

“No. I’ll give you an example.

PMS, he can handle.

When I’m sick or hurt

He does the housework.”

“Can he chop down trees?”

“Yes, don’t interrupt, please.”

“Does he go shark fishing?”

“Is your brain missing?”

“Has he wrestled a bear?”

“Did you escape from somewhere?”

“Is he a pro wrestler guy?”

“I lost you somewhere, didn’t I?

He’s tough enough to deal with me.

That’s as tough as he needs to be.”

“He hasn’t been to the moon and back?”

“As Yoda would say, “Sense, you lack.

Tough isn’t always rough.

Brave isn’t quite enough.

He’s emotionally strong,

tells me when I’m wrong.

Deals with my family,

and doesn’t think worse of me.

He’s kind and gentle,

a little sentimental.

When my day has been rough,

His arms are enough.

Yes, he can use a Sawzall,

a wrench, and a splitting maul.

But you’re missing my point,

So I’ll be blunt.

My man has seen me at my worst,

And they still haven’t had to call a hearse.”

*            *            *

What are your thoughts on my latest poetry writing session?

Did you find it funny? Repetitive? Sweet? Thought provoking?

Tell me in the comments! 🙂

*            *            *

In conclusion!:


My favorite part of this scene starts at about 3:00.

My husband may not always understand me, but he loves me through the confusion.

I am forever thankful for that.