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Writing in Cycles

15 Sep

I think my muse has ADD. Her attention seems to flit from one form of writing to another. One week I will add a dozen pages to a book, the next I have poems spilling out of me, then we take a couple days to pound out a few flash fictions.

All over the place.

I don’t mind being eclectic, that will certainly get me a wider audience, but you have to have something done in order to publish it.  At this rate it will all finish at the same time…three years from now.  *sigh*

Do any of you have a muse who gets bored easily?

One week or day you’re making great headway on something, the next all you can think about is another project?

Have you noticed a pattern to this, or does it just seem random?

I may have to start keeping a writing journal. Just to see if I have a pattern forming,

Not complaining here, really just noticing. It’s an interesting ride, this writing thing. 🙂