Senior Air Traffic Controler – A Flash Fiction

20 Sep

Super Moon - Summer of 2013   

The last fingers of red and gold have long since sunk into the horizon.  Night has captured the landscape, with the veracity that only can come when one knows that victory is fleeting.  The landscape is dark, but far from gloomy, for here and there you can see that happy glow of a candle or lantern peeking between the parted curtains of a parlor window; or spilling from the front door as someone is welcomed home for the night.

But this is not our purpose; this is not our story.  Our story lies ½ mile east.  Buried in the pastoral tranquility of outlying farms, lies the hustle and bustle of this town’s dirigibles port.  Surrounded by the drone of a thousand beehives, a young man named Berkeley Plotters stands atop a tall tower.  His job is not an easy one, but of it he is immensely proud.  You see, Berkeley, has only just achieved the rank of senior air traffic controller.  This is not to imply that he is the master air controller, but with this new rank he is most pleased, having reached it after only two years training.

And now stands our young man, binoculars scanning the horizon, looking here, then looking there; keeping an eye out for all new arrivals.  Dropping the binoculars to his chest he reaches with his left hand and flips the top of the communications tube.  After first blowing twice, as was the procedure, he announced to the master controller, “The Arabella from New Town is approaching from the east on schedule.  Pad C is not yet cleared, they will have to wait.”

With a practiced turn of his head, he moved his ear to where he could hear a confirmation. “Loud and clear, tower.  Arabella in the east, arranging alternate landing pad.  Over and out.”

Standing straight, Berkeley, knew at that moment the tower master was telling the radio-telegraph operator what to say to the Arabella.  While giving the port grounds a once over, he entertained for a moment a wandering thought of what his job would be like if he himself could communicate with the approaching craft.

Giving his shoulders a shrug and his head a shake, our senior air traffic controller, went back to surveying the skies.


4 Responses to “Senior Air Traffic Controler – A Flash Fiction”

  1. ReGi McClain September 20, 2013 at 4:22 pm #

    Haha! Did you ever read “In the Year 2889” by Jules Verne (or maybe his son)? This story concept is reminiscent thereof, although it’s a look back instead of a look forward.


    • rosedandrea September 20, 2013 at 10:46 pm #

      Erm…*mumbles* I’ve never read anything by Jules Verne.
      *ahem* You didn’t hear that.



      • ReGi McClain September 20, 2013 at 11:14 pm #

        Neither had I until I started researching for a steampunk unit study. That one is free on the web and takes about an hour to read. It’s very interesting. 🙂


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