I’m Going Away For The Weekend

3 Oct

And I’m not sure whether my husband or the pets will be singing this song when I get home:


Lonnie says that while I was away this last Saturday the dogs kept pacing between my favorite chair, the front door, and him. He also says the cat woke him up about six times during the night.

The animals do go a little nuts when someone is ‘missing’ for too long, and they sure let the rest of the household know about their displeasure.

I just hope my husband can hold on to his sanity through the weekend.


What amazes me is the amount of stuff these women do during a ‘retreat’. I guess if you had a full time job, a couple kids and a husband who didn’t know how to clean up after himself life at home could be busy enough that three days of constant activity such as board games, walks, classes, swimming, hiking, chapel, going on the zip line, shopping, silent auctions, camp fires, and staying up half the night talking would seem like some sort of a break.

Don’t get me wrong, I like going to this every fall, but to me, it hardly seems like a restful retreat. Usually the moment I get home Lonnie takes one look at me, feeds me something and sends me to bed. (lol  I love that man.)


Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hangin’. I’m planning to have something scheduled for your viewing pleasure every day. I can’t guarantee as to it’s usefulness or thought inspiring quality, but there will be something new here in the mornings.


Now, for me to get packed.




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