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Exasperated and in Pain, but Still a Good Day

4 Oct

My cat tried to kill me this afternoon.

I was on my way down the stairs to change my clothes for a meeting. Grayson was loitering at the top of the stairs. Just as I almost had my foot down on the middle step he came tearing down the staircase and knocked my foot just enough to throw everything off. I went down the stairs almost face first.

What got hurt?

My knees got scraped up and bruised.

My left shin is also bruised.

My right wrist is hurting again.

One of my favorite boots got a tear in it.

Needless to say, the cat is in the proverbial dog house.

It could have been a lot worse, though. If I’d fallen differently I could have landed face first in the cat box. *shudders*

*            *            *

The exasperated part comes from the fact that Yahoo is not playing fair (or the NSA thinks I’m fascinating). Several of my more time sensitive emails have either not shown up at all or got sneaked into my inbox two days late.

Tonight I was supposed to be posting a guest post from ReGi McClain.

Nope. It never arrived. (grrr)

So, at least I know what I’m posting next Friday.

*            *            *

A brief list of why it’s still a GOOD day:

Today was a beautiful sun-shiny day.

We met with a potential client, things went very well and have another meeting scheduled with him next week.

We met with the ‘gatekeeper’ at a business who has been interested in what we have to offer the business, and found out that he recently acquired the authority to make those kinds of decisions. That’s another meeting scheduled next week.

I have decided to start selling for a company called Thirty-One. Think Tupperware for bags and purses. (We will need to double check with LegalShield that it wouldn’t interfere with my husband’s business, but pretty sure they’ll be cool with it.)

I found out that I don’t have to leave for the ladies retreat until 3pm today. More time to pack and prep. (Plus I can maybe get a good night’s sleep and perhaps even a nap. Yay!)

*            *            *

So, yeah, a strange, good, exasperating, sunny, bad, painful, hope inspiring day.   🙂