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Saturday in the… Mountains

5 Oct

Let me see, by now my sister has most likely hauled my butt out for at least one hike, they’ve tried talking me into going to the hot springs (not with Band-Aids on my knees! [It’s not what you’re thinking]), and I’ve most likely laughed uncontrollably once, minimum.

Today will have a couple chapel sessions, lots of food I’m supposed to be avoiding (which I will justify by allowing my sister to take me out for another walk this evening *whistles distractedly*), some late night s’mores, card games, giggles, and not enough sleep.

These retreats are always a lot of fun, but boy are they exhausting.

Much like a busy vacation, I may need a couple days afterwards to get back up to speed with regular life afterward.

Oh, well. At least I’ll have had a lot of fun with my mom, a sister, and a couple hundred other ladies.

I will be very glad to get home to my own bed, though. Only been married three years, but already I don’t sleep well without my husband beside me.

*            *            *

Alright, today’s Saturday, and the campground has a wonderful park/wilderness balance, so you get Chicago’s Saturday in the Park.  🙂


I hope you’re having a great weekend!