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All Roads Lead To…Babies

9 Oct

    I realize that this blog has a lot of stuff about my writing, and my hopes for a writing career, but at the core, Rose’s Road is supposed to be a journal about me helping with the family budget enough that we can afford to have babies. (Yes, we have heard the saying “if you wait to have kids until you can have afford them, you’ll never have them.” This is a conversation we have been having recently.)

So as a blog that details my financial…er… journey, it will occasionally touch on things which have nothing to do with my writing. Sorry. But this is cool. Trust me.


I need to learn to trust my gut instincts more.

This afternoon after finishing up a meeting with a young man who’s interested in selling LegalShield we stopped by Taco Time. We were both hungry, and Lonnie had a $5 bill burning a hole in his pocket.

Another young man held the door open for us, and since we didn’t know what we wanted yet, we told him to go ahead of us. As he was ordering I got a vibe of possibilities off him. I can’t explain it. I barely understand it. There are just times when I get an immediate impression of a person or couple, and it is almost always right. The impression I got was that he was just right for doing what we do with LegalShield.

After a little conversation (like 90 seconds worth) I discovered that he is intelligent, well spoken, not shy, and has a sense of humor. I quietly relayed this assessment to Lonnie, and out came a business card.

His response was better than I had expected. Immediately he wanted to know all kinds of things, which Lonnie easily explained. These questions weren’t just the polite “I’ll humor them and throw the card away on my way out” ones either. They had meat to them.

By the end of a short Q & A session we set a tentative meeting for later in the week, and he made it clear that he looks forward to finding out more information.

So, yay for the gut instincts!


It would just be nice if I got more of them when it came to writing… 


Here’s to eventually making enough money that we can feel almost comfortable with the idea of doctor’s bills.

Plus, I saw Mamma Mia! all the way through for the first time a couple weekends ago. Lots of fun. Not for little ones. lol