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Tackling Big Projects: Why I Watch My Feet And Not The Finish Line

12 Oct

Inch by inch,

it’s a cinch.

– Robert H. Schuller


This popped up on Twitter today, and is, I think, one of the best one-sentence pep-talks I have ever heard.


Don’t look at the big picture too often. It will scare you. It scares me.

Set your goals. Plan your smaller steps for getting to each goal. Then, just put your head down and work on it all one tiny bit at a time.

I have a terrible habit of concentrating on the end result…and seeing all that work piled up between me and it.

That view scares the living peanut butter out of me.

However, now I have that quote sitting beside my computer. Hopefully it will remind me to just look at the little piece of work I have to do next. Tiny, little steps don’t make me want to run and hide. I can get those done.

Just don’t ask me what all I have to do before the book comes out. That’s when I have to sit down and focus on my breathing.

*            *            *

Do you feel like you need a tranquilizer after looking at your publishing to-do-list?

If you’ve published something already, would you feel comfortable sharing one or two of your most used sanity saving tips?

You don’t have to be a writer to answer these questions. Just think of your biggest project, and let us know your thoughts.   🙂


Freak The Freak Out.  How often does that happen in your brain?

Mine? At least a couple times a day.  :/