I’m Looking For A Guest Blogger, And Other Thoughts

13 Oct

Here’s an un-named poem…that, er, needs a lot of help, I think.


There is more to life than time passing,

Computers crashing, lights flashing.


In real life you get sunsets,

hyper pets, schedule frets.


If you’re lucky, you will get forehead kisses.

Mister and Missus, sun warmed peaches.


*            *            *

I finally get why so many people complain about the Gilligan’s Island theme song. I saw my first few episodes of the show this evening, and now It is firmly lodged in my brain.

*            *            *

I made it to 900 Twitter followers this evening. It’s nice to see progress.  🙂

*            *            *

I am looking for a guest blogger for the second Friday from now. If you are interested drop me a line in the comments. I’m looking for almost anything to do with e-publishing, writing, marketing, social media, motivation, self-confidence, or something just plain funny. It can be something you have previously published on your own blog.

Please keep in mind that I want to maintain a family friendly site, here. If your post is chosen, and it’s more PG than G, then it will have a small disclaimer at the top for my readers who allow their children to look over their shoulders while reading this blog.

I hope to turn this into an every other Friday thing. So if you don’t have time this month, please know that next month could work as well.  🙂

*            *            *



One Response to “I’m Looking For A Guest Blogger, And Other Thoughts”

  1. Cissy October 13, 2013 at 2:25 am #

    I would be willing to guest blog on your site. I could do a book review for the Tweens age. I have taught preK thru adults or something else if you prefer. My blog is The Contemplative Belle at I average 100-300 hits a day. Let me know if you are interested.


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