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A Monster Eating My Brain!

18 Oct

I’m feeling this way again.

It was a good day. A busy day. No writing, though. Chores, errands, a meeting, another errand, family dinner, went out for dessert, late night shopping.

Yes, the monster is chowing down. 🙂

Rose's Road

I have a monster eating my brain!

Although, I don’t feel any pain.

My thoughts are coming slower.

I feel like a wilting flower.

The day was far too long.

The night is near half gone.

Sleep is what I need.

“Sleep!” is what I plead.

The monster is exhaustion.

It haunts my every motion.

Dragging on my arms and legs,

it feasts away; my body sags.

Please, where is my pillow?

That will make this monster go.

“Away, away with you!”, I say.

“I have had enough for one day.”

I shall see thee on the morn,

When my body feels less torn.

After a good night’s sleep;

A rest of slumber deep.



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