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A Calendar To Track My Writing Hours

19 Oct

I need to go to the store and get a calendar. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Just something where I can clock my writing time every day.

Yes. Every day.

Too many days are going past where I tell myself I’ll write something tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes along, it’s much busier, and no writing is done.

So, I need a calendar. Clock in and clock out. Treat it like a job.

Especially since one day I would like it to pay like a job.

So, on days when I don’t write anything, I will have to admit it to myself while writing a big zero on that day. No guilt trips. No punishments. Just having to fess up to myself that the work was not done.

Hopefully this will help, not hinder.

If it becomes an obstacle…   then it’s out.

I’ll try some other way of holding myself accountable. I’ll keep trying and trying until I find what works.  😀