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More Photos of Autumn

7 Nov

Anticipation of a fall A carpet of leaves More Yellow leaves Blue sky Artistic roots at Trinity Pines



Yup, it is definitely fall. No two ways about it.

In fact, the weather is getting so serious about this change of seasons it actually snowed a couple days ago. It didn’t stick around for any length of time, but it was enough to really freak us all out. (We don’t usually get snow that sticks until much closer to Christmas. So, yeah, weird.)


One thing I really like about this time of year?  I get to wear my awesome boots and no one looks at me funny! And this is the time they’re all out for sale.

Which is good, because I have to buy a new pair of black knee high boots. Preferably with a two inch heel.

The pair I had been wearing experienced a little too much wear and tear with all the dancing on Friday nights. I’m sad to see them go, but very excited by all the pretty new pairs out in stores right now.

Now to be able to afford the spurge purchase…