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MMM… November 11th, 2013

11 Nov

First off let me say a belated Happy Birthday to the U.S. Marine Corp. (it was yesterday).

And because it’s Veteran’s Day we’re going to start off with the Armed Forces Medley.

It’s probably because my dad was in the military, but let me see a sharp uniform and hear a good drum cadence and I’m all goose-bumpy.  Apparently it’s always been that way. Mom says when I was little it was hard keeping hold of me while in a crowd waiting for dad to come home from training. I would just about jump out of her arms at every man in uniform, then be very disappointed when I got a better look and it wasn’t him.  😦 



Alright, on to Mirth and Music Monday.

Today’s mirth and music are wrapped up in one video. With Madeline Kahn singing the part of the bride.

(Also, I am really glad that I didn’t feel like this on my wedding day.)



Happy Veteran’s Day to my friends in America.

Happy normal Monday to everyone else.


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