Conspiracy Theory

3 Dec

James and I seem to be suffering from similar (albeit far from identical) troubles. The world at times demands your undivided attention, and will not allow you to get back to your writing until certain things are off your mind, to do list, or schedule. But don’t take my word for it, you read it and decided if you think it’s funny, too. 😀

James L'Etoile


Come here…

There is a conspiracy out there, I tell ya.  A cabal of ruthless, black-minded villains put in overtime this week to keep me from writing.  They’re cagey, these evil-doers.  At every turn, they construct a barrier, obstacle, or canyon, so deep and wide that I have no choice, but to retreat and do their bidding.

I know it is a conspiracy because only an organized effort could appear so innocent.  The forces behind this dark movement keep themselves hidden in the shadows, making it seem like everything that’s happening is a big coincidence.  I don’t believe in coincidence, chance, or dumb luck.  Let me list off a few of their dark deeds and you be the judge…

I finish a rewrite of a new novel and before I can dive in again for another editing pass, I find myself two days deep into installing new hardwood floors…

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