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It Shouldn’t Feel That Busy

7 Dec

Here are the more notable parts of my last several days.

Wednesday: Spent time with family, changed the cat litter at my parents’ house. (Eew. Thankfully mom has a gas mask.  😀  )

Thursday: Met with our protege, toured the third potential office, I helped the parents with a project, had a teleconference Encourage Meant Group meeting, spent some time editing my huaband’s first 90 pages (double spaced).

Friday: We ran some errands, I took my youngest sister and her two little ones to the museum to see Santa, and grandma; spent more time editing Lonnie’s first 90 pages.

Now I know that I have accomplished more than this in a similar time period in the past. So why does it feel so exhausting?

Perhaps it’s because the wind has been strange lately and smoke has been going the wrong way in the chimney several times a day. My throat and lungs are a little tired, and my eyes are just so sleepy.

Maybe it’s because I’m reading a type of book that’s really not my normal fare (genre). The story is also very engrossing, and the plot just rips along. Some of this tiredness might just be in sympathy for the main character.

It could be the hours we have been keeping. All this paperwork and research can be done at almost any hour of the day. We have been pushing later and later into the night. Not getting to bed until I can barely navigate through the house without walking into a wall. Not good.

Then there’s the fact that I have been changing my diet. Getting rid of a lot of my sugar intake, and cutting back on simple carbohydrates. It’s going to take a couple weeks to start feeling better, and to get over these sugar cravings. (cookies!!!)

Whatever it is, I plan on sticking with my diet, finishing reading the series, and getting more sleep.


Wish me luck!


And now for something that always makes me feel calm and strangely invigorated.