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Steampunk On The Street

10 Dec

First of all, I am Rose’s Husband because she is sick and she has trusted me with her precious blog. I myself would like to thank all of you who follow her and support her endeavors simply because it means so much to her. So I thank you for your efforts on her behalf. I on the other hand know little to nothing about all this but I did find this neat article on alternative vehicles that I wanted to share. I know it’s not what your used to, but just for fun think of driving this beast to work on Monday morning or just tiring to find a parking space for it at the mall. I would like to give a hats off to the builder, that is a lot of work and imagination in that. I hope to see something else some day. I myself want to try building a wood gas powered rat someday just for the heck of it.
and again I wish to thank you all for the support that you have given my lovely wife for all her efforts.

Girl Genius Adventures


Usually when I think of Steampunk makers, I envision people building things like ornate keyboards, or corsets with light–up buttons, or possibly mechanical claws that dispense exact change. I don’t see a lot of people doing things on an automotive scale, which always surprised me, considering the car culture that pervades much of the United States. Oh, sure, there are a few things, like the Golden Mean ( the glorious Snail Art Car, and certainly, one can make an argument that after the Neverwas Haul (, anything else would be second best.

However I now realize that I was just not looking in the right place. I discovered a periodical, called Rat Rod Magazine (, which celebrates not just cars, but a particular sub-culture that builds these amazing steampunk looking vehicles that have obviously just smashed their way through a giant robot as they were escaping from some future apocalypse…

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