How Does A Head Cold Patient Entertain Herself?

11 Dec

Very Carefully.


Hi, I’m in a brief window of time where I’m not too stuffed up to think straight, and at the peak of my awakeness between sleeping sessions.

Gotta hurry, though. Wouldn’t want the cold to realize I’m being almost productive.


Well, so far, I have watched one and a half seasons of My Hero (from BBC), taught my husband how to reblog, helped contain pets as Lonnie unfroze the kitchen pipes, nodded off while playing Wizard101 (badly), called my mom to tell her I wouldn’t be going to Bible study this week… and bemoaned the fact that reading more than a couple pages of any book makes my eyes hurt.  😦 

Other than that I have pretty much eating, sleeping, and sneezing.


I hope your week is going much better than mine.




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