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A Christmas Homecoming Video

13 Dec

Today I did more sleeping than anything else, which is good. It just didn’t help that I slept clean through the time when I normally write and schedule my blog posts.

Oh, well, you get one constructed in real time, I guess.  *shrugs*

Alright, since it is really early morning here, and I am sleepy, I am going to find a quick and interesting video for you. Then I am going to find something easy to eat and get back to bed.

Sound like a plan?



Yeah, that’s just plain cool.  🙂 



If you could surprise someone this Christmas, who would it be and what would you surprise them with?

This is a fantasy situation, now, so your current finances and location on the planet don’t have to play a part in this. If you could surprise Anyone with Anything.

Personally, I would pay off a bunch of mortgages…

and probably send some people on extended vacations. (Including me!  😀  )