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MMM… It’s Almost Christmas!!!

16 Dec

Wait! Whaaat?!


I am so not Ready!


Okay, so before I start running around like my hair’s on fire, let me get these videos up here for you to enjoy.


There’s a series of short videos called Kid Snippets. It’s adults acting out kid conversations.

This one’s about wrapping Christmas presents.


Then Pentatonix singing Carol of the Bells.

All that glorious harmony gives me chills. Especially the bass. Wow.


For more Mirth and Music Monday head on over to ReGi McClain’s blog. She has a hilarious video…with Santa in it.  😀 

If you would like to join along in our Monday merriment simply put together something funny and something musical (the could even be in the same video) and add your link to the blue bug-eyed thing on the top left of ReGi’s blog.

Happy last week before Christmas!

(Hey! How can you tell if you’re hyperventilating?)