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Putting My Blog On A Schedule (Eep!)

17 Dec

I have been putting off a couple of things out of fear of change and perhaps your reaction. These changes have not left my mind, though. In fact it’s been quite the opposite. Nearly every article and book I have been reading has said something along the lines “Do the thing you fear most”, or “What you most fear is usually the exact thing you should be doing.”

It’s almost creepy the way my life (God, the universe, fate, whatever) conspires to get a point through this thick skull.

Anyhoo, so now I will be implementing that change. (otherwise that phrase will just keep stalking me)

This change is… Cutting back to blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Whew. I said it.

Now for the kinda sorta schedule.

  • Mondays will continue to be Mirth and Music Mondays.
  • Wednesdays, starting next week, I will join in on WIPpet Wednesdays. Basically I will post a small excerpt from my current work in progress.
  • Fridays will be for Flash Fiction.
  • Saturdays will be for poetry.

Now that isn’t to say that there won’t be the occasional cover reveal for a friend, or if something big happens in my life that I won’t turn it into a humorous post. I’m just saying that the daily posting schedule will be at an end. (Don’t be too surprised if a random, quirky one bleeds through.  😉  )

I’m sad to see it go, but that time is needed for other things now.

I will miss you, Daily Blogging. *sniff*


Now for a total change of topic:

I have had this song in my head half the day.

So, now you get to suffer, too.  😉