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MMM… I Love My Lips

27 Jan

Happy Monday, everyone!!!

Isn’t it a glorious day?

Eh, what?


That busy?


Well, before you really start spinning, go ahead and have a laugh with me.  🙂


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Have a great day!




Life Lessons – A Poem

25 Jan

The what ifs

The how comes

Too many to count

Life goes on

One day becomes another

Earth revolves again

And then again

Unending, unmoved

We stand in a crater

Emotion, health, financial

Wondering what happened

How we came here

What went wrong

How does it get fixed

Rarely is it a simple answer

A snap of the fingers

A twitch of the nose

A rub of the lamp


Hard work and diet

Planning and working

Maybe we can go back to normal

Maybe there’s a new normal

Perhaps we can be better than ever

But walk on we must

For standing still

Drinking tears of defeat and bitterness

Merely hardens our hearts

Darkens our souls

We must pick ourselves up

Accepting help and advice

Reach for that new day

Letting yesterday stay in the past

Release the hurt

Remember the lesson

Be Stronger for your past

And always ready for more life

*            *            *

It hurts to fall down. But some of the best discoveries were only found through accidents or pain.

Stay strong my friends, and learn through life’s lessons.  😉




Dressing Room Diva – A Flash Fiction

24 Jan

“I can’t look.”

“Why not? It’s fabulous!”

“I can’t.”

“Stop covering your eyes and look in the darn mirror already.”

“Okay…  What the…!  How did that happen?”

“I told you.”

“Look at me! I’m hot!”

“See what the right clothes can do? Do you want to try on the next outfit we found?”

“No, I want to run around the store screaming ‘Look at me!’ Help me out of this jacket. If I look this good in California casual I want to see what that little red dress does.”

*            *            *

The next time I have a little spending money I fully plan on marching myself down to one of the local second hand stores and taking another look at their business wear. It was very tempting to try on those couple pairs of pinstriped slacks, but I knew that if they fit there would be a war between a sturdy, good looking, wear almost anywhere pair of jeans and a pair of black and grey slacks that would have limited wearing opportunities (can’t exactly help instal a bathroom sink in pretty black slacks).

Let’s just put it this way. I needed a new pair of jeans. I want a closet full of make-my-butt-look-awesome business wear. Soon enough there will be a call (and budget) for slacks and business jackets, but not right at the moment. As in most things in life: priorities.


Now I’m really missing that show What Not To Wear.

I wonder if it’s on Hulu?





MMM… Conan O’Brian and Andy Stewart

20 Jan

Wow, I really need to start working on these a little earlier in the week. I had another difficult time finding videos. That’s alright. I found some. They both have music, they both made me giggle, and they even sort of have a theme!

For the mirth we have Conan O’Brian learning how to do Irish step dancing.

(If you don’t want you kids to see someone consuming alcohol… this may not be for them. It’s just him drinking Guinness looking tuckered, then bummed out.)


The music is an adorable song called Donald, Where’s Your Trousers, sung by Andy Stewart.

This one doesn’t have video to it, just a photo of the artist. Sorry.  😦

The bit where he imitates the ladies from ‘London town’ makes me laugh. And the Elvis impersonation.  🙂 


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Sometimes It Sucks Being A Writer

18 Jan

I’m stumped this week.  For the past several hours I have been trying to come up with something to write, anything.

I got nothin’.

Not a single idea has stuck around for the second line. I can’t tell if I’m uninspired, my mojo is off, or what, but nothing is coming to me. Sorry.

All that is spinning through my mind is the refrain from a poem I wrote a few months back, over and over. It’s so sad, but thankfully has a happy ending. The poem, has potential to become a song. I can hear the tune in my head as the imagery, the fear and sadness gang up on me and make me want to cry.

This might be an ice cream and cuddles night.  😦 

Nights like this are when being a writer sucks. We bringing out our fears and play with them. We put words to them, keep them in safe places. Unfortunately, sometimes they come back to make us feel all that again. The fear. The sadness. The pain.

Years ago I was under the impression I was an emotionally tough person.

I’m not.



Second Hand Size Tens – A Flash Fiction

17 Jan

“Manda? Why are you handing me size ten Levi’s?”

“You said you lost ‘about’ ten pounds, right? Maybe less, maybe more. Just give them a try.”

“Okay, but don’t be surprised if you hear sobbing coming from the fitting room.”

“Don’t be so dramatic. I’ll keep trying to find a couple more pairs of jeans that aren’t straight from the ’70’s.”


* * *

“Vanessa? Are you still alive? I found a cute pair of twelves.”

“You have got to see this. Just let me get the door.

… Look! Look! They fit! See? Look at my butt!”

“I could see it better if you weren’t jumping up and down.”


“I see. They look awesome on you! I guess we won’t need these twelves, then, huh?”

“I’m a size ten! I’m so happy I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.”

“Neither. We’re going to celebrate. How do grilled chicken salads at Chico’s sound?”

“Ooh, Chico’s.”


“Sounds like a party.”



*            *            *

I love writing these. It’s just so much fun sitting down with no idea what I’m going to write, besides a general idea behind the collection I’m working toward creating. This one, as well as last Friday’s flash fiction are going to be in a book of stories and poetry I’m slowly working on.

The plan is to release this book a few months after I get My Ignored Hamper and other Bathroom Poetry launched. Guess that means I’d better get to real work on both of those projects, huh?  😉 


On that same note, if you are interested in helping me launch

my little book of poetry, please (please, please) contact me.

I’m hoping to have a launch date in the middle of February.

You can get hold of me here in the comments,

on Twitter @Rose_DAndrea,

or on Facebook at Rose’s Road To Riches

Thanks!  🙂




MMM… Traffic Cops

13 Jan

This week it took me a while to find something, because ReGi telepathically stole my idea. I was thinking of using something from the movie Flushed Away. What do I find after coming onto WordPress? That ReGi has already done her blog post using a funny compilation of Flushed Away clips.

(There may be a chance we’re spending too much internet time together.  😉  )

It’s a good thing, though! Because I couldn’t use what I had originally planned I had to go on the hunt. After searching high and low and not finding anything that particularly caught my interest, I thought about the old Candid Camera show. Now there was some comedy. After watching about a dozen clips I came across this gem. Four traffic cops set to music that matches their individual styles of directing an intersection.

It’s cute, musical, and (I think) humorous.



I had heard stories about how traffic cops used to be so cool to watch, and how they each had their own entertaining way of signalling the drivers. Those stories had not prepared me for seeing that cool display. Just from watching that, I think it would be awesome if they brought that position back in certain intersections.


Have a great week guys, and don’t forget to visit ReGi McClain’s blog to see more Mirth and Music Monday!


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Computers: A Love-Hate Relationship – A Poem

11 Jan

Hmmm, according to my schedule, Saturday is my day for poetry.

So that means I have to come up with something.


Got it!

*        *        *

I love computers.

I hate computers.

They make my life easier

And harder at the same time.

Info in a hurry?

Bing or Google are a lifeline.

Want to get some work done?

Nope, defrag time.

The more they’re needed

The more they go.

Need it done in a hurry?

Yeah, that’s a big fat no.

Scans, tests and system checks

Take twice the time you expect.

When all you want to do is play

The darn thing works great all day.


I love computers.

I hate computers.

*        *        *

Not pretty, but there you have it. A poem. A raw one at that. Only touched the backspace for misspellings. I would usually spend about an hour pouring over every detail and making everything all nice and pretty. Tonight, however, I thought you wouldn’t mind seeing behind the curtain a little.

Any thoughts?

What would you change?


Heehee, look what I found.



Cheat Day Life Guards – A Flash Fiction

10 Jan

“I want a chocolate milkshake so bad it almost hurts.”

“Try not to think about it, Gwen. Concentrate on the walk.”

“It’s not thinking, it’s craving. Dreaming.”

“You’re doing great on your diet. The weight is starting to come off. You’ll be at your ideal weight in no time.”

“Let’s be realistic, Carol, it’s going to take months. This initial weight loss is wonderful and all, but it’s going to taper off here soon. That’s when the real work comes in.”

“Don’t think about it.”

“Yeah, concentrate on the now. Feel the burn.”


“I’d rather feel my fingers getting frost bite on one of those giant oblong bowls they put banana splits in.”

“You’re killing me, Gwen. I’m even off bananas.”

“No bananas? Where do you get your potassium?”

“Kiwi. Lower on the glycemic index.”

“Huh. So one of those frozen peanut butter, banana mochas from Jolts is very much out of the question.”

“I would just about kill my dietitian for one of those.”

“Is that who put you on kiwi?”


“Cruel and unusual, Carol. Cruel and unusual.”

“Feels that way, but my pants are starting to fit better, so I’m kinda, almost okay with it. Almost.”

“Do you get a cheat day?”

“Not for another two weeks. She says it’s best to go cold turkey, then introduce small treats after I’ve seen the first few results. Something about not wanting to over-indulge and screw it up.”

“Two weeks. Are you going to have a maximum calorie ceiling, or just follow your mouth?”

“Uh, I think she just said something like…’Let your stomach and your conscience both talk about it before you indulge.'”


“Yup. Could we slow down a little? I think I’m gonna hurl.”

“Please don’t. I’m kind of a sympathetic vomiter.”

“I’ll be alright in a minute. I just need to let my heart rate slow down a little. Is it trying to rain?”

“It would seem that way.”


“Sooo, in two weeks, you wanna share a banana split with me?”

“I think there was bird poop on that guard rail. Is it on my butt now?”

“Hold still. Uh, no. You’re fine.”

“Phew. That would have been gross. What about a banana split?”

“Do you want to split one with me in two weeks?”

“You mean like a cheat day support group kinda thing?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want to call it.”

“Well, sharing it would be a lot better than us buying quarts of double fudge brownie ice cream and eating them in the closet.”

“If that’s how you sell it to your dietitian then go for it.”

“We share the dessert, and we can be like cheat day life guards for each other.”


“That’s a great idea! So, like, the first Saturday of next month will be my first cheat day. Are you available that evening?”

“If ice cream and chocolate are involved I’m always available.”

“Then it’s a cheat day date.”


“We’d better finish this walk before it really starts raining on us.”

“Yeah, there’s nothing worse than being cold, sugar deprived, and soaked.”


Too funny not to use for a second time on here.  😀 



MMM… A Math Song?

6 Jan

Yay! It’s Monday!

Yay! I’m feeling quite a bit better!

Able to think in a straight line again, anyway. Still coughing and sneezing, but much better than the last couple weeks.

So after a couple days of being sick, I started watching a lot of YouTube videos on my phone. The first few days of video watching was just straight Animaniacs. (They don’t exactly demand a lot of thought process to get the jokes.  🙂  )

One clip I came across was just too cute not to jot down the videos title.

So here’s something that hit me as a little extra funny:


It’s so nice to be back. 🙂

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See you next time!  🙂