It’s Dead Now – A Poem

1 Feb

I can feel those eyes following me.

All those legs and all those feet

Waiting for me to take a seat

So he can drop on me.


So I pick up a shoe that belongs to you

And hand it over, my hero of many feats.

“Won’t you kill that monstrous beast?

Please, please? I’ll make it up to you.”


I cringe and turn away as you smash it.

I can hear it crunch into the ceiling,

And hope it’s not feeling

The fate we chose for it.


“It’s dead now.” You announce to me.

Still hiding my face, I hear you walk away,

But I still have a prize to pay.

I follow you, so you can take it from me.


*            *            *

And I know it’s totally unrelated, but…

my husband introduced me to this group shortly after we met, and they kind of stuck.

This is my favorite.  🙂




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