Over The Shoulder Wizard – Flash Fiction

1 Feb

“What are you doing?”

“Watching you play.”

“Uh, why?”

“‘Cause it’s interesting.”

“Why don’t you get your own account and build your own character and play your own game?”

“Nah. It’s too complicated for me.”

“Then why have you been telling me what to do through this entire duel?”


“Thanks. Buh-bye.”

“Well that’s not very mumble mumble…

“Ah, silence.”


*            *            *

Backseat drivers, unwanted advice givers, and over the shoulder game players are annoying. No matter what the situation. It’s one thing to be interested in what someone is doing, and another to interfere with their thought process. You don’t know the whole situation. You don’t have the self-control to allow them to do things on their own.


Sorry, but there’s only so much of this a girl can take before blowing a gasket somewhere. That somewhere is apparently here. Which really shows how much I trust y’all.  🙂 


*            *            *

On another note, I had a wonderful afternoon out with one of my aunts. We went to lunch, did some shopping in second hand stores (where she bought a stack of books…seems to run in the family. lol), and then spent some time making my grandma laugh.

All in all a very good afternoon.

The evening was spent at a sister’s house at our Encourage Meant meeting. The first one since before Christmas. Only half the members could attend. *Boo*  Oh, well. We still had a good time and talked about how we had moved forward on our individual goals and even talked for a few moments about one that a couple of us are working on together.

Much fun and laughter was had by all.

Here’s hoping Friday is as productive and jolly.  🙂 





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