MMM… Car Songs!

16 Feb

Usually I have to spend hours on YouTube trying to find something for Mirth and Music Monday. This week, however, I had two songs pop into my head.

They even match!  😀 

(I’ve had a third song actually playing around and around in my head, but since it’s called ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ I think I’ll give that one a pass. lol   It’s a lovely, lazy waltz, though, and has been really making me want to go dancing again. Which is odd, since my feet have just stopped complaining about 3 hours of dancing on Valentines night.) (Yes, my husband is awesome.  🙂  )

On with the fun!




That’s it for me today. If you would like more Mirth and Music Monday posts head on over to ReGi McClain’s post. She is the creator of this lovely meme and hosts the linky where you can find all the links to other Mirth and Music Monday posts.

If you would like to join us, all you would need to do is put together a post that has both music and humor, then go to ReGi’s post and put your link on the list in the linky. (It’s so easy even I can figure it out.  😉  )

There is one difference for this week and the next. ReGi is on an actual vacation for the next week or so. Therefor if you have any questions about linking up, or need a further definition on what this Mirth and Music Monday thing is, I’m the one to ask. Cause, you know, she left me in charge for two Mondays.

I know. Scary.


Happy Monday!  😀





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